cheap hotels near me for tonight

cheap hotels near me for tonight

How to find cheap hotels near me for tonight?

There are always discounts on hotel rooms at every hotel in the world, but the problem have always been getting that good deal on your favorite hotels near you. So, to navigate pass this problem and land yourself a cheap hotel room near you tonight, you will need to follow these simple rules.

Always book hotel rooms at the last minute

Making your hotel room reservation months or several weeks ahead will not land you that great discount and price on that booking. Instead, master the art of booking your hotel room a day or two before your arrival. This is because many would have cancelled their bookings for the same timeframe and hotels with empty rooms will be eager to fill these rooms and will attempt to drop their prices in order to attract customers.

Make use of hotel and travel apps

If you intend booking for your hotel room before you arrive at the hotel, always try to make use of travel or hotel apps. Apps like HotelTonight will scours for last minutes hotel deals on premium spots. Some of these apps are geo-location based, meaning that it will use your current location to display hotels near you and their prices. For example, using this app a typical night room at Boutique Inn in Los Angeles during Friday peak time is $225, which goes for $345 normally. Hotels apps like HotelTonight have partnerships with thousands of hotels in many countries and so, you can make use of these apps to find yourself a great deal on hotel rooms in countries that they operate in.
Additionally, if you don’t want another app on your mobile device, you can visit travel websites like Expedia and Kayak. They offer last minute cheap deals on hotel rooms around the world.

Set hotel price alert

Travel and hotel websites like,, Kayak and Expedia allow you to set up hotel price alert. This alert when set up will alert you when there is a price drop in your preferred hotels. Some of these websites have even gone a step further by allowing you to submit a bid based on what you are willing to pay for various hotel options.

Using the secret hotel rooms prices of

Signing up for membership program allows you to take advantage of its secret prices for hotel rooms function which offer great discounts on various hotel rooms. These rooms are basically rooms hotels are trying to fill, which are not publicly searchable.