cheap hotels near heathrow airport london

cheap hotels near heathrow airport London

Those seeking cheap hotels near Heathrow airport London need not worry about availability. There’s more than enough hotels that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You may be stuck in London due to a layover, or there could be another reason why you’re staying in the city. Regardless of the reason, you need to know that it’s entirely possible to lay your head down in a pleasant room without having to part ways with too much of your money.

There are two surprising options in the under $40 price range

A night at the Heathrow Lodge will only set you back $32. For $35 a night you can stay at the easyHotel London Heathrow. You should be aware that both of these hotels are relatively basic. It’s no-frills all the way, and that’s okay with some travelers. If you don’t want to shell out too much money, then both of these are great options. You can spend the night without having to dip into your retirement savings.

Hotel rooms under $50

You will be surprised by the quality of hotel rooms that are available under $50. The Travelodge London Heathrow Central costs only 42$ per night. Then there’s the Oakwood Bed and Breakfast Heathrow for $49 a night. It’s a good choice for those who want something different than the typical hotel. It’s, and that means you can get cozy while relaxing here. You’ll be surprised by what $48 gets you at the Travelodge London Feltham. It’s a sleek modern day looking hotel at a price anyone can afford.

In the $60 price range

For $62 there’s the modern looking OYO Mehfil Hotel. Not only does it boast a modern design, but it also has North Indian restaurant as well. For $63 a night you can be treated like royalty at the Kings Paget Hotel. Then, there’s the Heston Hyde Hotel, and it costs $64 a night. It has a swimming pool and also a stylish restaurant. It’s a very laid back hotel with plenty of amenities to make sure every weary travel gets the rest they need.

There’s no shortage of great places to stay

There are also pubs like The Tower Arms Hotel that will set you back $66 a night. You don’t have to leave the hotel for a drink and a bite to eat. Anyone who has spent way too long on the road knows how valuable that can be. You earned yourself a drink and not having to go far for a meal is something quite a few tired travelers take into consideration.

If you’re searching for the best price, then planning is vital. The best deals are always had when you plan for your trip in advance. London is a bustling city, and there are always people coming and going. If you need a room at the last minute, don’t get bent out of shape. As you can see here, there are more than enough quality hotels to meet the needs of travelers.