Cheap hotels in pattaya near walking street

Cheap hotels in pattaya near walking street

If you’re in Pattaya, then it’s time to head on over to Walking Street. It’s even wilder than you can ever imagine. Walking Street isn’t a place where you take your kids. It’s an adult playground that has everything an eyeball could ever hope to see. There’s also plenty of live music, great food, and a never-ending stream of alcohol for the thirsty travelers. There’s no place on planet earth like Walking Street, and it’ll take you less than five minutes to figure that out.

Rooms in Pattaya for under $10 a night

You may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to get a decent room for under ten bucks a night. Yes, you read that right. Pattaya is an extremely affordable destination, and you get a lot for your money in this part of Thailand. Livit70’s Hotel & Hostel costs only $6 a night, and you get a reasonably impressive room for such a small amount of money. Thai Orange Magic costs $7 a night, and you’re not too far from Jomtien beach. The Casanova Inn costs $9 per night, and it’s a great deal considering the size of the rooms and the quality of the hotel.

Rooms right around $10

The amount of rooms available for around $10 per night is staggering. You’re not going to have to search high and low for a good place to stay on a small budget. There are a plethora of hotels in Pattaya to choose from at this price range. Harry’s Apartments Bar & Restaurant is a great choice at $10 if you want a place where you can get a bite to eat as well. For $11 a night Jomtien Beach Pool House is a great option. It’s near the beach, and they have pool tables. The Cha Cha Cha is more than just a fun name to say. It’s also a great hotel that costs $15 per night. The rooms are spacious, and the staff is friendly.

Great rooms in the $20 price range

Do you want a room that’s right on Walking Street? If so, for $21 a night you can stay at the Walking Street Guest House. The action is never far when staying at this hotel. The Mike Hotel costs $24 a night and has a rooftop pool. They also have a snooker table, and it’s a very modern hotel for this price range. Ambiance Hotel costs $26 and offers a relaxed atmosphere and free breakfast. This is one of those hotels where you can let your hair down and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Pattaya is the place to be

Walking Street is wonderful, but so is the rest of Pattaya. Every person who’s going to Thailand needs to go to Pattaya and Walking Street. The energy and excitement of Walking Street are difficult to describe. You will feel a sense of not wanting ever to go home again. Don’t be surprised by what you see and hear there. It really is a place for adults, and you should keep that in mind when going. If your travel itinerary doesn’t include Walking Street, then that should change immediately.